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Coffix Ltd. is an independent engineering company that works with most of the U.K.’s leading coffee machine manufacturers in the espresso, instant and bean to cup sectors.

Coffix carry out a full range of servicing programs providing complete peace of mind on your machine. The types of services provided are as follows;

This service is the standard service that all machines should receive each year to keep up their performance and reliability. This service can under most circumstances be carried out on site at an appropriate time set by our customers.

This service consists of:

  • Replacing of group head seals, group head shower plates, steam valve seal kits, water valve seal kits and group head filters
  • Checking and replacing of all other ‘o’ rings that are showing any sign of excessive wear
  • Checking of all boiler components for any leaks or faults
  • Full testing of pressure valves for leaks
  • Full check over of wiring for any wearing
  • A complete check of your grinder including resetting of grind (if needed), checking of the grinder blades, operation of the dispensing mechanism and
    the measure of coffee being dispensed
  • A check of the amount of scale present in the boiler

Front end service:

This service is for customers that’s machine is under constant heavy use. Coffix advise this service is to be carried out 6 monthly in busy sites due to the heavy strain put on the front end seals and gaskets in your machine.
This service consists of replacing all group head gaskets and seals, steam arm seals, water valve seals, group head shower plates and backflushing of the group head itself.

Complete service:

This service includes everything from the previous services but includes a complete descaling of your boiler, group head and all machine parts and pipes.
Also included is the changing of all gaskets, seals and ‘o’ rings in the machine.
This service is carried out in our workshop and a loan machine can be provided while we have your machine.

Coffix provide a comprehensive emergency repair and call out service. We have fully trained engineers able to repair most machine makes and models with the minimal of fuss.
Coffix carry a comprehensive range of spare parts on our vans so as to get your machine back up and working as quick as possible.
Unlike other companies Coffix does not charge for a re-call in the event we haven’t got the spare that is required.
Coffix have engineers scattered around most of the U.K. and with our base in the central midlands we are ideally located for access to most of the country.

Coffix can offer to extend your manufacturer warranties on all types of machines that coffix distribute and some other manufacturers machine. These extensions can be purchased at any time during the manufacturers warranty after an evaluation by a Coffix engineer.

Coffix provide service contracts on most coffee machines both espresso and bean to cup.
These contracts take the worry out of expensive repairs and servicing.
All our service contracts include all parts”” and labour and if needed a replacement machine to be left on site.
Part of our service contract is that you must use a water softener on all the machines that are covered by the contract.

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