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Barista Training

Coffix can provide a comprehensive barista training program. Coffix have some of the U.K.’s top barista’s for their trainers so you’ll receive the best possible start to your business or to top up your staffs skills even up to a national competition level. These can be held in the comfort of our training room or held at your own establishment. Coffix also provide training sessions scattered through out the year for all of our customers to update their skills or to continue their improvement of their latte art skills. Our Expert trainers are also available to train your staff in small groups on specific drink styles (I.E. latte art, micro roasting and signature drinks)


Coffix provide specialised workshops in varying aspects of coffee machine maintanance and cleaning procedures.

The Workshops we carry out are:

Basic Set up and cleaning
This course takes you through the basic settings of your coffee machine and how to check and adjust the your machines drink settings and grinder settings.
It also takes in to account a comprehensive program both daily and a weekly cleaning procedure.

Front end servicing course:

This course takes you into an in depth look at how to keep your coffee machine in optimum condition by learning how to look after and service the seals and group heads of your coffee machine.
Coffix carry this coarse out on your own premises on your own machine so you can relate everything back to you machine.